Willem Deisinger is an Ottawa-born artist finishing up his Undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Ottawa. His work explores the differences and imperfections between the ordinary world and utopian ideals by building conceptual narratives. Paired with physical artifacts, his art practice finds a way to practically work through the social and political contradictions of the future.

Over the past two years, he has been exhibited in Ottawa five times, and completed a residency in Quebec during the summer of 2020. In collaboration with a professional artist and professor, he worked with Global Affairs Canada to create a data inspired artwork. Currently, he is being commissioned by the University of Ottawa to create an artwork that explores the risks and ethics of geo-engineering and artificial intelligence. He has also been involved in the co-founding of Nosy Mag, a non-profit publication examining Ottawa’s art and culture.

Outside of art, Willem works with non for profits, activist groups, and other artists and designers on collaborative projects.