Willem Deisinger, artist, writer and Development Lead at UKAI, is interested in the aesthetics of systems and tools that define our contemporary experiences in the world. Willem’s practice is based on exploring the potential and failures of old, new and future digital technologies, highlighting their aesthetic attributes, inner processes, and histories. He reimagines and hacks the personal and social systems we indulge over with our phones, everyday tools and digital lives. Recent works are I’m Honoured to Serve (2022), which recontextualizes the techno-optimism of the 80s through a satirical office space, and A Tool to Touch With (2021), a gardening tool created through the interaction of a fictional gardener and virus, and a journal of their interaction. His current work focuses particularly on our close relationships with personal digital spaces and the development of language models.

Willem currently lives in London, UK. Most recently his work has been exhibited at Nosy Mag’s Double Dutch (2022) show in Ottawa, and was the 2022 recipient of the Ottawa Arts Council Corel Endowment for the Arts Award as an artist that integrates technology and the arts.