Prompt: Solving the Influx of Mental Health Issues During the Pandemic with Surrealist Practices

Details: This project included using surrealist practices to use as a preventative method against poor metnal health during the pandemic. It surfaced from being in lockdown with my family, and dealing with mental health as a home.

Through Surrealist art, artists attempted to explore and reconcile the irrational and randomness of life. These irrationalities have been more present than ever. During the pandemic, we have been forced to reconcile with the randomness and intensities of everyday life. It has us reconizing our inability to predict the future and plan ahead, or forcing us to questino our fundamental ideas and practices through facing these abdurdities of life. 

This is an ongoing workshop with friends, family, and communities to work together in expressing their emotions and developing a sense of reconilication during the pandemic. 

How to use: Through random shapes and patters, one is given a prompt to draw and explore through the shapes. By exporing be given, and random shapes, one explores their ideas to make sense of a random and irrational context. Prompt examples: “A playful solar system,” “Your ideal garden,” “A busy street corner”

Download the workshop here

Prompt: pre-authoritarian internet

Details: My sense of reconstructing reclics of the internet in a time before commodification of the internet. 
Prompt: a search of authenticity

Details: Pieces of a feeling that aligns with the real and the digital.
Prompt: Organics

Details: Soft and squishy
Prompt: Arp + Taeuber

Details: Some research on Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp
Prompt: communities of the interwebs

Details: how do we live online?
Injustice and Racism

Details: Reflections, thoughts, and ideas prompted by my Rioting is for the Unheard project.